The Final Push

I have been overweight since 1997, to some degree or another.  The increase of Mt. Dew availability and the decrease of physical activity were a bad combo.  Therefore, since 1998, I have embarked on several missions to lose that weight, most of which haven’t been successful.

In ’98, I enrolled in two Phys. Ed. classes at Michigan Tech — running and tae kwon do.  The only things I gained from that were a separated shoulder (from TKD) and shin splints (from the running).

In ’99, I bought rollerblades and Tae Bo videos, but did not attempt to really change my diet.  So even though I was out on my skates every day, I wasn’t losing weight.  Perhaps the vivid memory of eating a third of a package of Double-Stuf Oreos had something to do with that.

After getting married in 2000, I tried Slim-Fast.  I drank many shakes, ate many bars, spent a lot of money on “food” and lost all of three pounds.  It didn’t stay off once I got back into eating real food.

In 2002 or 2003, I joined the local gym and was, for the first time, very consistent about making use of the membership.  But again, since I didn’t change my diet, it had no effect.  When you sit at a desk and drink two 20 oz. Mt. Dew bottles and then spend 30 minutes on an elliptical machine, you’re not exactly coming out ahead.

In 2004, it all came to a head.  I was almost 230 pounds and just uncomfortable in my own skin.  A little extra exercise (some running, some biking) and a radical change of diet in form of the South Beach Diet, I brought my weight down to 190 and was pretty happy.  I stayed there for almost 5 years, until last October.

I realized then that I was a Fat Cyclist (Resurrected Post from Specialized Riders Journal) and set off on the second great (and successful) weight-loss program.  I used the DailyPlate website and iPhone app and lost about 25 pounds.  It was a beautiful thing and had a huge impact on my health and cycling performance.

But I don’t feel done.  There’s just a little more to go.  Just a little pudge around the middle and a couple pounds that are creeping on now that the competitive cycling season is done.  I’ve been at 175 pounds (plus or minus 5 pounds) for a year now, so this weight loss is sustainable.  Now I want to be at 162.5 (plus or minus 2.5 pounds).  It’s for my wife, it’s for my kids, it’s for my cycling.

Part of this is spurred on by Cyclocross Nationals coming to Madison for 2012.  I am completely enamored by the idea of racing in that event and I want to be at my physical best.

So the Livestrong app is all cued up again.  The running shoes are ready.  There’s still a few good riding days left (and my light is charged up).  Let’s do this thing.


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