I’ll Take Potpourri for $500, Alex

If you have a blog that is subtitled “Cycling, Christianity and Fatherhood Meet”, you would expect that I tend towards the conservative end of the spectrum, politically and socially.  And indeed, I do.  In recent years, there have been some issues that I’ve moved to the center (or even left of center) on, but on the key issues, I’m still pretty far to the right.

When I started voting, I pretty much voted straight-ticket Republican, but have started mixing things up a lot more, trying to vote for the person is is most qualified.  In Michigan this year, our race for Secretary of State was one that forced me to vote outside party lines.  We had Ruth Johnson running on the Republican side, and it really felt like it was because she wanted some new elected position.  She’s been a county clerk, state congresswoman and nominated for Lieutenant Governor.  Why does she want to be Secretary of State?  On the Democratic side, we had Jocelyn Benson, a law professor at Wayne State University who wrote the book on being Secretary of State.  I mean, literally, wrote the book.  For whatever reason, Benson is passionate about the position of Secretary of State.  And while not all of the election results are official, Johnson seems to have won.  So we re-elected a career politician to an office I don’t think she has any real interest in as opposed to the non-politician who really cares about it.  Forgive me if I begin to get cynical about this process.

The weight-loss program proceeds apace.  Unfortunately, it’s not proceeding quickly apace.  Usually I can expect a big loss in the first week, but so far I’ve only shed a pound (if I round up).  The persistent hunger and trying to consume a net 1430 calories hardly seems worth it when the results aren’t coming quickly like they usually do.

There’s a new crankbrothers cobalt2 seatpost on my HiFi, but I haven’t gotten to ride it yet.  It went on the bike on Monday, Tuesday was busy and today will be rainy and busy.  Maybe this weekend.  The new drivetrain parts for my ‘cross bike should be in today too, which is good news for the U.P. State Championships.

I’ve been researching and shopping and dreaming about a pit bike for ‘cross nats in 2012.  It’s been a really hard thing to pin down, because I can’t spend too much, but don’t want to buy a new bike as a back-up.  A used bike would be best, but finding one in the right size and at the right price-point is hard.  And all the time, the question hanging over it all is, “Is this necessary?”  Do I really need a pit bike?  Figuring out what bike to get is also an issue.  My Tricross defines “good cyclocross bike” for me, but there aren’t a lot of used Tricrosses out there.  Oh well.  I’ll keep looking and dreaming and probably not buying.

I could really use a good night’s sleep.  And I’m hungry, which means it’s time for more Diet Dew.  Off we go…


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