No More Fires, Please

I remember my father telling me once that he was tired of being a fireman.  Even as a kid, I was perceptive enough to know he did not, in fact, work for a fire department.  In way of clarification, he said that little “fires” had popped up all over at his job, and it was his job to put them out.

This has been a week of fires.  And I’m tired of putting them out.  It’s exhausting.

On a brighter note, I’ve been in the Word a lot more recently.  Sunday night is digging into The Exemplary Husband and the study guide that accompanies it.  Last week’s study was 30 verses of the attributes of God:  the holiness, the love, the justice, the righteousness.  It was a good study, but I was completely exhausted by the end.  I use Olive Tree Bible Reader on my iPad for a lot of personal study and by the last couple of verses I was having a hard time focusing enough on the buttons to tap them.  Tuesday night finds me prepping the Bible Challenge for the Word of Life Olympians at our church.  That tends to be a little more topical, but turning the material into something at the elementary school level while retaining Biblical fidelity is a fun challenge.  Then Wednesday night is digging into 2 Peter.  I’ve been going back to the inductive study methods I learned in college.  First, I print the passage out without any kind of verse numbers, breaks or whitespace.  Then, it’s about reading, observing the text.  I’ll do a little interpretation on my own, working with the Strong’s Dictionary that’s integrated in Olive Tree.  Then I’ll go read Warren Weirsbe to see what he says.  Going through a chapter of 2 Peter has taken an hour or so each week so far.

The bike hasn’t been neglected.  We had a beautiful day on Sunday and we had an impromptu CX practice since the UPCROSS series was off due to the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race.  I hurt for three days after that 45 minute effort.  Last Thursday I finally got a chance to ride the new crankbrothers seat post.  That was hugely frustrating.  Turns out you have to really crank down that bolt to get the seat angleto stay put.  I was off and on the bike 6 times before I got it tight enough.

One last week of cyclocross; the U.P. State Championships are Saturday.  We’ll see how the legs respond one last time before falling into a “for fun only” kind of mentality.  Don’t get me wrong; I have had a complete blast racing CX this year (and am more convinced with each ride that I want to do CX Nats in 2012), but I’m ready to leave the anaerobic intervals behind for a little while.

Weight loss efforts continue.  I’ve taken off four pounds since 01 November, but have been stalled at 175 lbs. since Tuesday morning.  If the normal course of events repeats itself, I’ll drop 8 pounds on Saturday morning or something stupid like that.

I like my job, so why is this job posting at Trek so completely intoxicating?

I managed to write that without any fires starting. Here’s hoping for a fire-free weekend…


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