One of Those Days…

So some friends from church were moving today, and asked for some help from the congregation.  I was pleased to help out and dragged my trailer out of the side yard.  In the process, I dragged it over a nail and punctured.  No worries, because I have a spare, right?  Well, sort of.

I search out the spare, which was probably the easiest part of the repair.  Then I have to search around for my sockets, which are buried under a tarp in the garage for some odd reason.  At this point, I discover that I can’t generate enough torque with the little 3/8″ drive socket wrench and remember that my 1/2″->3/8″ adaptor is busted and I can’t use my breaker bar.

Off to Sears to get an adaptor.  Cameron comes with me and is just dragging his feet (literally and figuratively).  On the way back, he even slips on some ice because of his inattention and shuffling walk.  I ended up carrying him part of the way back.

Getting the wheel off was still not easy, because the 12-sided sockets were slipping and stripping the heads of the bolts.  And then when I was trying to put the new wheel on, the bolt holes on the wheel don’t want to line up with the holes on the hub.

So everything was finally ready to go and I headed over the help.  This part actually went pretty well.  When we got to the new house, they needed to install a new plug on their dryer to match up with the plug in the new house.  I volunteered to help with that and it should have been simple.  But of course it wasn’t.

I dropped one of the screws that secures the wires somewhere into the machine so that I couldn’t reach it.  Awesome.  So I drove around to a couple hardware stores until I found the $0.27 replacement screw.  The new wire went on pretty smoothly after that.

The rest of the day went marginally better, but there was always this sense that things weren’t going 100%.  Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better.


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