What a Week

So my last entry wasn’t really positive.  Things didn’t seem to get a whole lot better from there, though I shouldn’t complain too much.  Here’s what happened.

We had a meeting after church to follow up on some Biblical Counseling/Discipleship training we had received.  Part of the meeting included lunch, which turned into the third day in a row we had pizza.  The kids only picked at their pizza and completely rejected the brownies.  That was the first sign.  We went back for an evening service and Cameron was just miserable.  He threw up in the car on the way home.

Heidi then spent all night throwing up.  Cameron seemed mostly better, and went to school.  They all went to bed early, didn’t eat much and didn’t do much.  Heidi threw up again on Monday night.

I worked from home on Tuesday while we got a lot of snow.  Julie started feeling bad later that night and Cameron started feeling a little worse too.  It seemed that Olivia and I were the only ones who weren’t going to be sick.  When I went to bed on Tuesday, I felt fine.  Within two hours, I was feeling awful.  I threw up two hours later and spent the rest of Wednesday in bed.  The kids and Julie were only doing marginally better.

Most of us seemed to be better on Thursday, and we had a token attempt at Thanksgiving dinner with some turkey soup.  We decided everybody was feeling good enough to head out to my parents’ camp near Baraga to have a real, if belated, Thanksgiving.  Things were going relatively well until a little before dinner, when Cameron was just laying on the floor and grumping.  He eventually threw up again.  After going to bed, Heidi threw up too.

Things seem to be calming down a little bit.  Throwing up seems to have mostly stopped, but the kids aren’t eating much still.  All in all, it was a pretty rough holiday weekend.  Thankfully, Julie and I are mostly recovered to take care of things, and now Grandma and Grandpa are up to help a little.  There’s a trip to the doctor’s office in the works, which is probably long overdue.  Hopefully they can help, because our poor kids are really suffering.

It’s hard to be truly thankful during this season when you’ve been laying in bed, trying not to throw up.  Hopefully things clear up soon!

It is feeling more like winter, since I’ve spent some quality time behind the snowblower.  I need to get my trainer back so my only aerobic option isn’t running on the treadmill.  I have to say that I’m enjoying it more than I used to.

Time to do some more Keynoting…


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