Christmas and New Year’s Quick Report

It’s always busy this time of the year at our house.  December always marks the end of a semester, which means a ton of exam writing, grading and then emailing all the people who complain about their grades.  This year there were additional complications such as a child in the hospital for a couple days, writing code for Ph.D. research, family vacations and such that has kept me away from the computer (and thus away from the blog).  Yes, I have the WordPress app installed on my iPad, but when we’re at my in-laws, the iPad gets used for music to help lull the kids to sleep.

My weight loss had stalled around 169-170 pounds for a week or so before Christmas rolled around and I stopped keeping track (and stopped eating remotely like I was trying to lose weight).  I would guess I’ve put on a couple pounds, but the CTS cycling videos I got for Christmas should help that out.  I have been doing some running too, including my New Year’s Eve run around Big Lake.  I think the running that I did during ‘cross season helped out a lot, though I would still choose the bike over going for a run pretty much every time.

Christmas was fun.  The kids enjoyed their gifts and I got some good stuff too.  I have a Hakkalugi shirt to go with my cap and a nice Specialized track jacket, among other nice things.  One gift I haven’t redeemed yet is a check from Grandma and Grandpa… maybe singlespeed conversion parts?

It’s hard to believe that just over a year from now, I plan on being down in Madison for CX Nats.  Feels like there’s a lot of prep work to do for that.

While we were in metro Detroit, we picked up a nice Blackburn Fluid trainer for my wife from a listing on craigslist.  Now she has a nicer trainer than me, even though I’ll ride mine more.  Hmm….

Now it’s time to settle in for the long part of the winter.  There’s not really anything to look forward to except the disappearance of the snow, which won’t be for another 4 months.  There will just be long hours on the trainer, trying to plan out the 2011 schedule and making the best of it.


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