Why am I Struggling to Cheer for Garmin-Cervelo?

I’ve discussed my rabid fandom of the older Garmin teams here and at the (now defunct) Specialized Rider’s Club.  I’ve enumerated all the stuff I have emblazoned with blue and orange argyle.  My laptop is still named “Slipstream” for the love of Pete.  And now the team that I have been so worked up over for the last few years is winning left and right (e.g., Mallorca Challenge, Tour Down Under, Tour of Qatar) and I just can’t get fired up.

I can’t say it’s because it’s only been the darn ex-Cervelo riders winning, because Cameron Meyer and Tyler Farrar are long-time Slipstream riders.  And frankly, I love the things I’ve heard out of Haussler.  Referring to Cavendish: “Crashes do happen, but not crashes like that. I certainly don’t respect him as a rider, or as a person. So that says everything.”

I think a lot of it comes down to the drama of the Trent Lowe-Matt White debacle just after the Tour Down Under, along with all the strong words being thrown around after rumors surfaced about another new Australian team that was targeting riders like Meyer, Jack Bobridge and so on.  Part of it is a long-held bias against Cervelo as a bike brand.  I’ll resurrect a post from the Specialized Rider’s Club to reinforce this soon. (Edit: The post is here.)  I think another big part of it is that I just don’t care that much about these early races.  I’m really excited for the Spring Classics and think I would be cheering pretty loud if Hushovd enters the Roubaix velodrome first.  Maybe I just need a t-shirt or track jacket to drive the love home?

Whatever it is, I’m ready to cheer for my team again soon, so I hope the reticence goes away.  What I can guarantee is while there may have been some Felt bikes in my house, there will not be any Cervelos.


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