Resurrected Post: Le Tour et al.

Originally posted: July 11, 2008

It’s been a while since I last posted. Bad Kit.

Anyways, lots still happening on the cycling front. In a week, I will be riding on a 4-person team in a 12-hour mountain bike race.  Should be fun, but a lot of work.  I’d love to do well, since the entry is limited to just 200 riders.

I picked up a 1.5″ wood screw the other day riding the Tricross, and it is out of commission until the new tire and tube I ordered arrive.  I struggled a little on what tire to get, and just ended up ordering a direct replacement for the Borough CX that was on there before.  Well, that’s not true.  I got the Armadillo Elite version instead.  It may be heavier, it may not say “Specialized Pro” on the side, but I hope it will hold up to the use a little better than the tires that came on the bike.  The Borough CX Pro on the rear (fortunately the same one that got screwed) also had a big, deep cut in it I was worried about.

Le Tour started last Saturday.  Not a lot of huge surprises, aside from maybe Stefan Schumacher.  It isn’t right that Cadel Evans is wearing number one.  That’s just disrespectful towards Alberto Contador, Johan Bruyneel and the whole Astana team.  It’s a disgrace.  I don’t miss Al Trautwig on the Versus coverage.  The mountain stages have been good so far.  Personally, I don’t miss the stages for the sprinters.  Yay for breakaways.

I was reflecting on the differences between the TV spots that Cervelo and Trek are running for this Tour.  Cervelo’s says, “We don’t design mountain bikes or touring bikes or BMX bikes.  All we do are road and time trial bikes,” or something very close to that.  Trek’s, on the other hand, is about their whole lineup — mountain, road, time trial, kids, urban.  It concludes with Lance saying, “We believe in… bikes.”  No disrespect intended to the Cervelo guys because they do make some truly awesome bikes, but their ad spot sucks.  Biking isn’t just about road racing, and your commercial alienates a bunch of riders — perhaps even the majority of riders.  The bicycle is, as Trek’s commercial says, “a simple solution to a complex problem.”  Somebody else called it “rideable art that can just about save the world.”  The most meaningful part is where the kid in Trek’s commercial pedals away from his mom, ostensibly for the first time.  It’s a powerful image and says loads about a company’s priorities.  My garage is becoming filled with bikes.  My old beater commuter (semi-retired) is a Gary Fisher Wahoo.  My racing trail bike is a Gary Fisher HiFi.  The current commuter and training bike is a Specialized Tricross.  My wife has a Trek 4300 for tooling around town and maybe it will see the trails again one day.  My 3-year old son has been burning up the road in front of our house on his new Specialized Hotrock, and he couldn’t be more excited about it.  When my daughter gets to the right age, I’ll go look at Specialized and Trek bikes again, and Cervelo can go hang.  I love bikes, and I believe in bikes.


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