The weather has been teasing us here for the last week. One day it will get up near 40 or even 50. Today, we’re right back down to about 30. The roads have been clear though, and the lengthening days have made it possible to commute by bike again. I put my old Fisher Wahoo back together so I didn’t have to clean off the Tricross each time I got back on the trainer.

Speaking of which, I spent a lot of time on the trainer last week. I watched almost every day of Paris-Nice on Versus while spinning away. Each Sunday was a 1:30 effort, which is just about as long as I can handle being on that thing. Oddly, I found myself cheering for Remy DiGregorio more than anybody else, even though a rider from what is ostensibly my favorite team was firmly ensconced in the green Points jersey. I still can’t put my finger on why I can’t cheer for Garmin-Cervélo like I used to. For crying out loud, I am wearing an argyle sweater, arglye socks and a Garmin-Transitions t-shirt! I have to say that the day of ridiculous New Balance tweets from all the riders didn’t help matters. Neither is the new Specialized Venge, a bike totally in the paradigm of Cervélo aero road bikes, but about 100x more attractive. maybe Milano-San Remo this weekend will help solidify something in my fan-mind.

Our team is trying to get a group buy of Neuvation wheels together. I really need a spare set of wheels for ‘cross, and would actually love to get a pair of the R Tubular wheels. To be honest, I would really love to get the C50 carbon tubulars, but that might be stretching the budget a bit. We need to buy 6 wheels though, and we only have commitments for 4. I would take another pair of Roval Pavés.

I have been operating all day with just my iPad, as the MacBook is still not taking a charge. The tech support people came by, looked at it long enough for me to tell them I had tried almost all of the “easy” solutions and said they would come by with a new power adapter “soon”. That was 2 hours ago. I was surprised to see how many cool iPad apps the are, including one that would theoretically let me do UPC development! I was a little disappointed that it was going to cost $10 though, and realized that entering lines of code in a C-based language was going to be awful, since I would have to switch keyboard views constantly. After all, the semicolon that ends every single line of code is on the numeric keypad, not the standard letters. I saw that the app I was looking at supported external Bluetooth keyboards, but that’s just one more cost. At what point is it no longer worth it? I will tell you one thing though. At least it’s not trying to enter HTML. Just closing a tag requires 6 keyboard switches! 6!!! I wish the guy would come back with the power adapter. I’m hungry, but don’t want to miss him.

Okay, I am done with this. I don’t want to open or close one more stupid tag.


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