The Reality of the Situation

I resolved a little while ago that I was going to stop using my beloved Specialized mountain bike tires and start using something I could get from my local shop.  I spent hours upon hours looking at the Schwalbe Rocket Rons (not durable enough), Continental X-King (not available with the Racesport casing yet), Continental Race King (ditto), and the new Michelin WildRac’r and WildGrip’r (not available anywhere yet).

I had basically come to the conclusion that if I was going to get something else, I was just going to wait until the X-Kings were available.  But since I was going to want at least one Race King for the rear, I was reading some reviews on them.  But in them upper corner of the page was a headline about new prototype Specialized Ground Control tires.  I couldn’t click fast enough.

I’m not going to fight it anymore.  I’m just not.  I’ll have an order of Captains with some Fast Traks on the side.  For dessert, I’m thinking Renegades…


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