Interesting Times

There’s an old proverb that is part blessing and part curse — “May you live in interesting times.” This past weekend was definitely interesting.

Saturday wasn’t particularly remarkable.  I went out for a nice ride and we did some normal summer weekend chores.  On Sunday, I went with my son and father out to “Fish Camp”.  I rode out there on the Tricross, which is a very pleasant ride.  I munched on a Honey Stinger waffle on my way out.  I am late to the party on this, but holy cow are they great.  The only problem I ran into on the way out was my rear wheel.  I’ve been riding a borrowed rear wheel for a solid month now while we figure out what to do with the completely unhappy hub in my Roval Pave wheel.  This particular wheel is some Alex rim with a Formula hub and generic Wheelsmith spokes.  It’s been horribly unreliable.  I broke a spoke a while back, but since it happened while I was in the midst of prepping for a mountain bike race, I didn’t care much.  But on Sunday, I had a spoke break as I was riding along the gravel roads leading to the cabin where Fish Camp was happening.  Of course, that meant the wheel was completely out of true and rubbing against the brake and the frame.  I shouldered the bike and started walking, but turned into a walking mosquito buffet very quickly.  I chanced more damage and rode the wheel the last mile into the cabin.  It’s Wednesday night and I still haven’t gotten the wheel fixed.

So we headed out on the lake to do some fishing, an endeavor that ended up being completely fruitless.  We fished for three hours in a giant swarm of black flies before puttering our way back to the dock.  On the way, a Conservation Officer stopped us to check our haul and our licenses.  Fortunately, we were all up to date on licenses and had nothing to show for all our time on the lake.  Upon our arrival back at the cabin, we ate Dinty Moore stew as our 10:00 PM dinner.  When I went to bed, I realized that I had brought my contact case, but no contact solution.  So I just put my contacts in water and planned to wear my glasses the next day.

Sunday we make a great big, tasty breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns and toast.  When we got to the river to do some fishing from the canoe, it started to rain a little.  Undeterred, we launched the canoe and started to fish as we drifted down the river.  The skies got very dark, the rain started falling harder, there were lighting flashes and the wind started blowing like crazy.  We paddled desperately upstream to try to escape the deluge, but not until we were completely soaked.  It was coming down so hard it felt like you were standing in the shower.  Of course, it stopped as soon as we got back to the cabin, but that didn’t change the fact we we sopping wet.  Unfortunately, I had neglected to bring any extra pants.  So I drove to the Pamida in L’Anse in my pajama pants to buy a new pair of jeans.

(My brief aside here is that it is frustrating to buy pants as a cyclist.  I will be the first to admit I have a little extra weight on my upper torso and that I don’t have monster quads.  However, whenever I put on “regular” fit pants, they fit as tightly as my cycling shorts around my thighs.  Why do I have to buy “relaxed fit” pants just so my jeans fit around my legs?)

We prepped to go back out to the river when it started to rain and the thunder and lightning returned.  All the best hours for fishing we spent when we were hanging out at the cabin.  We gave up and came home.

Instead of just relaxing, we ended up out at some property where my dad’s friend had gotten his pickup truck very, very stuck in some mud.  After an hour of digging, hand-winching with a come-along  and spinning tires, we got the truck out.  I finally got to go home and watch “The King’s Speech” with my wife.  Definitely an interesting weekend.

I’ve been trying to catch up with responsibilities at work, at home and to stick to the training plan.  I’m tossing the plan out for a couple days this week so that I can run in the “Breakers to Bay” 5-mile race on Saturday.  I’m not a huge runner, but it’s a chance to connect with a friend who really does like to run.  Hope it turns out okay.

If all my times are this interesting, I think I’d lean towards that old proverb being classified as a “curse”!


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