Not Just Living, Thriving

Isn’t it weird how those two words don’t rhyme? English is a stupid language in some ways.  (Okay, maybe a lot of ways.)

In any event, I had a great weekend on the bike.  I rode the Tech Trails hard on Saturday and pre-rode the 16-mile Chain Drive course hard on Sunday.  There’s a corner on the Aerobic Adventure loop at the Tech Trails that has a bit of a special meaning to me, as I was riding through there last year and realized that a medical diagnosis that had been weighing heavy on my mind for a few weeks had finally stopped pervading my thoughts.  I wasn’t “Kit with a marginally high ANA count”, I was just “Kit” again.  It’s been well over a year since that moment, but the memory came back as I cruised through that corner on Saturday.

And what made it all the more special was how I was feeling.  I’m one week away from my peak for the Chain Drive.  There’s a hill on my way to the Tech Trails which has long been my barometer for my legs (a legometer?).  When I’m peaking and really fit, that hill feels nearly flat.  I rode it in my big ring on Saturday.  I am super-fit right now (for me) and not suffering from any possible ramifications of that diagnosis from last year.  My riding partner on Sunday is completely certain I’m going to podium at the Chain Drive. I’m not just living my life, but I’m thriving. I don’t know why God has chosen to bless me in this way at this moment, but I’m humbled and overjoyed.


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