Dressing Kids

Yesterday was a pretty hot day for us.  We were going to see 85 degree temps and plenty of sunshine.  Since I was taking a slow route into work for the day, I was helping the kids get dressed.

Cameron had pretty wisely chosen a t-shirt and shorts, but chose dark-colored knee-high socks.  In the middle of the winter, we try to go ice skating with little ankle socks.  In the summer, he’s wearing dress socks with shorts.  We fixed that.

Then Olivia picks a long, flowing skirt and a long-sleeve shirt.  I tell her she can’t possibly wear that and she mopes on her bed.  Then she picks out several heavy, long dresses.  After turning down each of those, she finally picks out a shorter velveteen dress and knee socks.  I gave up at that point and let her wear it.  Julie made her put on some shorts to keep her modest.  Later in the day she was complaining she was hot, but I wouldn’t let her take off the shorts.

Heidi wisely chose a babydoll t-shirt and shorts.  The 2-year old was the only reasonable one.  Sheesh.


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