Catching Up

There are a few personal blogs I keep up with from endurance sports junkies that have left the Keweenaw.  Both of the authors have (unfortunately) wandered away from these hobbies due to “real life”.  They also don’t update their blogs as much as they used to.  That makes me kind of sad.  It also reminds me that if I want people to read this thing, I have to give them a reason to come back!

I haven’t written a lot because I’ve been really sick.  Since October 29th, I’ve been struggling with a stupid cough.  On November 2, I had to cancel all of my classes for only the second time in 6.5 years .  The weather on November 5-6 was just phenomenal, but I couldn’t ride my bike.  Finally, I had cleared enough of the cough away to ride on Saturday.  It had been the date of the U.P. State Championships, but there was just no way I could ride 60 minutes above threshold.  So I set up a little mini-CX course and rode hard for about 30 minutes.  There was rather a lot of snow on the Tech Trails, despite the near 50 degree temperatures.  It felt so good to ride, even though I coughed so hard I nearly threw up when I was done.  I got a similar ride in on Sunday.  I just need the weather to hold on for one more week so I can do some ‘cross downstate…

I see that the blog got a huge influx of viewers on Friday, after a picture of my new bike got retweeted by Raleigh Bicycles and Twin Six.  Sadly, my sweet Dark Horse is going to be sitting in my basement, waiting for more parts to arrive.  It won’t hit the tarmac or dirt during 2011.  Oh well.  I may just set it up and stare at it.  I mean, seriously:

The Twin Six "Dark Horse" SS CX Bike

That thing is just ridiculously good looking.  I will be balancing form with function on this build.

I also got a lot of feedback on another tweet.  A fellow faculty member was evaluating my teaching effectiveness and was commenting on the relevance of the material I was presenting.  “Nobody does it that way anymore,” he said.  I don’t disagree.  But I can’t possibly stop presenting that material.  How can students know and appreciate what their software tools are doing if they can’t do a trivial case themselves?  In Electrical and Computer Engineering it is imperative to present the state of the art, but you can’t just jump right into that.  You have to know where you’ve been if you want to know where you’re going.

And incidentally, I hate Standard Time.  Daylight Saving Time is where it’s at.


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