Results of My Gluten-Free Experiment

Results of my Gluten-Free Experiment, presented as a bulleted list:

  • It is very expensive.  Rice noodles, alternative flours, alternative crackers and so on.
  • It can often be very taste-free too.  (Rice crackers, I’m looking at you.)
  • Bob’s Red Mill is your friend.  (Seriously, look at this selection.)  And they’re all super tasty.
  • It is frustrating to eat on the road.  Burger King, McDonald’s, wherever — you’re getting a salad.  And that’s pretty hard to eat while you’re driving.
  • Potlucks at church are kind of hit and miss.
  • Breakfast time means eggs.  (And oatmeal, for those of us not worrying about being 100% safe on avoiding gluten.)
  • Makes it really easy to overeat, thinking that gluten-free == calorie-free.
  • Didn’t really work for me in the end, either in terms of helping clear up acne or helping in recovery from cardio workouts.

I wanted it to work.  I really did.  I would easily give up gluten-filled products to not take a daily antibiotic.  But I spent pretty much all of December and January fighting my exploding forehead.  I’ll just go back to eating as healthy as I can and enjoying all the sweet recipes in the Feed Zone Cookbook (a Christmas gift from my wife).


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