I have been extraordinarily busy for the last 2.5-3 weeks, so I haven’t been writing.  I also haven’t had a lot to talk about.  All of my ideas for blog posts aren’t nearly enough for a full post, so here’s a dump of some random thoughts I’ve been having over the last few weeks.

  • I’m missing the Giro almost wholesale.  I hate that, but what can I do?  Most TV coverage is from 8:30-11 AM Eastern and I teach from 9:30-10:50.  I can see some unexciting early breaks, come back and see the finish.  Not especially engaging.
  • This bugs me, because Ryder Hesjedal is leading now, and I’ve been a fan of his since his mountain biking days.
  • I admit I have not done a whole lot of trail work in my life (~8 hours total), but I’m not a fan of a lot of the work that was done at the Tech Trails the last few years.  Questionable routing and low-quality benching are everywhere.  Multiple places have had to have bridges installed because erosion destroyed the trail.  Alternate lines are developing everywhere because of the routing decisions the builders made.  The Tech Trails are my nearest system, so I ride them a lot.  It’s not familiarity that has bred this contempt though.
  • While I’m complaining about trails, I’d like to gripe about how the early spring put way too many people out on the trails who don’t know them.  There are wipeouts and brake skid marks everywhere from people taking things too fast.
  • I’ve been training for a triathlon recently.  The running and riding are going very well.  The swimming is progressing, but I’m realizing that I am basically starting from scratch.  I can swim 500 yards without stopping now, but not very fast.  1000 yards is a pretty good day’s work for me at this point.  Thank goodness the race isn’t until August.
  • I say that because I’m not content to just finish the tri.  Even though I got talked into this by a friend, I refuse to simply show up and complete the thing.  I want to be competitive.  Based on last year’s results, I need about a 20 minute swim, 1 hour bike leg and 35-40 minute run to be happy.  My pace last week would give me a 23.5 minute swim.  Clearly there’s work to do there.
  • One of my birthday presents was a very nice tri suit from my wife (the Sugoi Turbo Tri Suit) and my mother commented that she would like to know what my 15-year old self would say about receiving such a gift.  I’m pretty sure I would have been horrified.
  • I competed in the Specialized Climbing Challenge at Strava.  I did not do well.  Part of it was losing a week to the conference in Florida.  Part was the requirements.  You needed to climb 3000 feet every day to complete the challenge. My average ride was only 1500 feet and that was every other day.  Combine that with the a 42-tooth “small” chainring for the first two weeks and I lost before I started.  It was fun to try though.
  • In addition to the tri suit, I got a full The Voice Bible.  I really love that thing.  Reading through some of the verses is so powerful and so easy to understand.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.
  • I’ve been coaching my son’s Little League team.  They’re a good set of kids.  We won our first game, but got slaughtered in the second.  Oh well.  If I could just get them to catch…

That’s about it for the moment.  Time to head home and handle the normal Monday duties: Little League and triathlon training.


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