For the first time in a couple of years, I’ll pin on a number and race on the road tonight.  It also happens to be my first actual race of the 2012 season (though I technically raced CX Nationals in 2012).  A week from tomorrow is my first mountain bike race of the year.  The Chain Drive was the first bike race I ever did, and I’ve competed every year since 2005.  I really can’t imagine not riding in that race until I’m so old or beat-up that I can’t turn the pedals any more.  And in nine days, I will don the tri suit and compete in my first-ever triathlon, the Yooper Sprint Triathlon.  It will be time to see if all the swimming and running I’ve been doing has been worth the effort.

So what?  Yes, I’m getting ready to race again.  What’s so interesting about that?

Last night, the Twitter guy at Trek tweeted this:

We know it’s June, but @TrekRaceTeams helped us tune up these bad boys for something big coming up:

That, my friends, is a picture of cowbells.  And what does a cowbell remind us of?

That’s right.  The complete insanity that is cyclocross.

Meredith Miller described it like this: “It’s hard, it’s pure insanity, but it’s awesome.”

I couldn’t agree more.  And even though it’s only June, I’m already looking forward to the cyclocross season.


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