Attention World: No, I am not Uncomfortably Hot

It is July in the Northern Hemisphere.  That means it is summer, a season characterized by long periods of daylight and increased temperatures.  Even in relatively northern latitudes, this means daily highs can reach into the 70’s and 80’s.  If you head a few hundred miles south (say, to Kansas, as a completely non-random example) you may find triple-digit temperatures on the Fahrenheit scale.  Those types of temperatures may even be routine!

Ever since we went to Kansas for my cousin’s wedding, the weather has been a few degrees on the warm side, climatologically speaking.  Not extreme heat, but about 3-5 degrees above the long-term average.  That means we spent three days in 100+ degrees in Kansas and have been experiencing 80’s pretty regularly here in Houghton.  Which means people have constantly been whining about how hot it is and uncomfortable they are.  Then they look at me expectantly, as if I am to assuage their anguish by at least commiserating with them — after all, misery loves company.  Sometimes they even ask, “Don’t you just hate when it gets this hot?” or “Hot enough for you?” or something similarly inane.  Then I endure the stares of bafflement when I tell them that no, I am not uncomfortably hot.  I am quite comfortable, thank you.

Listen, I have a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome where the blood vessels in my fingers are incredibly sensitive to cold.  That’s why I wear long-fingered cycling gloves as soon as temperatures drop into the 50’s.  That’s why all my winter gloves and mittens use the expensive Primaloft insulation — Thinsulate just doesn’t cut it.  If I spent too long at work sitting at the computer, I usually end up sitting on my hands to warm them back up.

And it’s not just my  hands.  I almost never wear shorts until temperatures get near 80 degrees or higher.  Why?  I’m just not hot.  Yesterday after my swimming workout, someone was complaining that the pool was too warm.  I was quite comfortable.  I never wear sandals, because my feet never get hot enough to need that kind of ventilation.  When we were in Kansas, I went for a 30-minute run when the thermometer was reading somewhere in the mid-90’s and was just fine.

So when temperatures sail into the 80’s, 90’s and above, I am not uncomfortably hot.  I am enjoying it, even if it is humid.  What I’m not enjoying are all the people staring at me bug-eyed like I’m some sort of alien because I like warm weather.

So, Citizens of the World, here’s my offer: You stop giving me a hard time about liking hot temperatures and I’ll try to stop complaining when it’s cold out.  Deal?


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