Commuting Challenges

I have been a fair-weather bicycle commuter for several years now.  It simply doesn’t take that long for me to get into work.  Some days, it’s the only time I get to ride.  But I’ve always packed the bike away and drove my Jeep once the snow started to fly.  Houghton gets so much snow that our streets really don’t actually get clear of snow.  They have a layer of packed down snow that has always struck me as pretty dangerous to ride on.  Once the snow melts off the streets, I’m back on my bike.

I’ve also made an excuse out of the darkness.  Since I teach an 8AM class three days a week, I would have to ride in the dark most of the time.  I have a nice NiteRider MiNewt light, but I still use darkness as an excuse.

This year, my employer has decided that parking is an issue and is going to start charging us to park.  In some situations, I can understand this.  Not ours.  All of the land containing the parking lots is ours already.  I don’t see why we should have to pay — except to generate revenue for the university.  Since I would be paying $125/year for the 3 months I drive, I decided I would no longer be a fair-weather commuter, but a year-round commuter.

These last few weeks have been challenging to my new resolution.  Here’s the current radar:
You can just see the text that says “Houghton” under the big blotch of colorful storm.  That’s where I live.  And that’s what I rode through on my way to work this morning.  Whee.

This is going to be an interesting winter.


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