Life is Change, I Guess

While the tagline of this blog has always been, “Cycling, Christianity and Fatherhood Meet”, the topics here have almost always been cycling-focused.  You know, race reports, product reviews and all that.  It’s only occasionally I’ve dipped into those other topics.  Well, today I’m going to go off that direction again.

It seems like nearly everybody else in my life is in the midst of some kind of major life change.  At least two good friends at the University have accepted new jobs out of state.  New jobs, new homes, changes.  A few families are expecting new little ones.  New lives, new challenges, changes.  Kids that have been at the church since we got there are starting to graduate.  Students I’ve shepherded through 2-4 years at the University are heading off to their new jobs.  Even at church, we are struggling with people who are starting to move on to other churches due to various areas of dissatisfaction.

I would generally say I’m the kind of guy who likes change.  I like to try new things, see new places.  At the same time, I apparently expect a certain level of constancy in my life.  My father worked for the same police department for almost 30 years.  The friends they had before I was born are still friends they have today.  People just didn’t move off to other states.

Frankly, I think part of it is also jealousy.  As of August 15, I will begin my 9th year at my job.  My race schedule is full of the same old events. A change of pace would be somewhat desirable.  I don’t even know what I would want to change, but somehow I want something new.

Oh well.  Maybe there are even better things coming without me going anywhere.  Perhaps the thing to focus on is my first race in just over two weeks.  I can also look forward to some reviews I need to do on Bontrager R3 TLR tires and a CycleOps PowerCal.  Keep looking forward instead of looking back.


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