5 Reasons You Want to Be a Skratch Labs Ambassador

So, the great folks over at Skratch Labs posted their Individual Ambassador application again for 2014.  Having been an Ambassador during 2013, I’d like to think I have a little insight on the awesomeness required of Ambassadors.  To help some of you rise up to that level of awesomosity (it’s so far beyond simply “awesome” that we have to make up new words to describe it), here are the top 5 reasons you should submit your own application:

1. The People at Skratch Labs are even more awesome than their Ambassadors.
When I asked if they could supply the drink mix to a 400-cyclist event that was two months out, they said they couldn’t give it away, but they gave the organizers a great price because of my involvement.  They arranged it so we got signed copies of the new Feed Zone Portables book.  The Box of Wonderfulness that showed up on my doorstep when I first took up my ambassadorship was beyond generous.  When my wife wanted to surprise me with some Skratch kit for Father’s Day, they were all kinds of helpful.  The best part is that the Ambassadors are only a little more special than the average Skratch customer, because they treat their customers so well.

2. The Ambassadors are truly inspirational.
Seriously.  The amateurs who pre-rode every stage of the Tour of California.  Ironwomen who practically live on the podium.  Triathletes who represent the nation in world championships. Firefighters as real heroes.  Age-group World Champs in Xterra Trail Running.  Moms and Dads who are raising families and still living active and healthy lives.  Being counted among the Ambassadors, even for one year, is an honor I won’t forget.

3. Discounts on Skratch Labs products.
If you haven’t tried Skratch Labs stuff already what is wrong with you I mean really?  And if you have tried the stuff, you know that it’s absolutely worth the price you pay for it.  Hydration that doesn’t upset your stomach that tastes great and is made of ingredients you can actually pronounce?  Priceless.  (Actually, it’s $19.50 a pound, which isn’t priceless, but, umm… HEY LOOK OVER THERE!)

4. You will look incredible.
You will be able to rock the pixels on the bike, at the gym, on your run, driving your big rig, or anywhere else.  Clothes with the “S” logo and/or pixels are scientifically proven to make you more attractive and a better athlete.

5. Bacon.
‘Nuff said.

So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the application now! (It’s still here: http://bit.ly/TasteAgent)



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