Alex CXD7 Quick Review

I am working through a bit of backlog of product reviews I want to do.  Still in the queue are a final review for the Kona Jake the Snake; Lizard Skins DSP grips and tape and Maxxis Mud Wrestler TR tires.  However, as ‘cross season starts heating up, I wanted to throw a real quick review of the Alex CXD7 wheelset out there.

It is incredibly difficult to find information on this wheelset, as it seems to be some OEM model that Alex doesn’t list on their website.  Kona uses them a lot on mid-level ‘cross and road-disc bikes, but debadge them so that they have no distinguishing marks on the rims at all.  (The hubs are still marked with Alex logos.)  Kona is also very inconsistent on whether these are tubeless-ready or not.  On the 2014 Rove, they are listed as being tubeless-ready; on the JtS, they are not.  I ran with the assumption they were ready to go and ordered some Maxxis Mud Wrestler TR tires.  How did it go?

Well, the shop seemed to go crazy building up the rim bed to make the tires seat better.  Then, they pointed out that these rims are not welded together, but rather pinned.  The mechanic was laughing as he told me how he just watch sealant spewing out of the pinhole until it finally sealed.  I’ve done a couple of hard ‘cross rides on them and they haven’t burped once.

Before I had them set up for ‘cross, I rode a lot of gravel and tarmac with some Clement Strada LGG tires.  The wheels seem to roll fairly smooth and despite some big impacts, I haven’t had to true them.

There doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about these wheels, but they are a perfectly serviceable set that isn’t out of place on a mid-level aluminum ‘cross rig.


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